The year 2024 will mark the opening of Space Entertainment Enterprise’s first movie studio in space.

A British film studio that has filmed Tom Cruise in space plans to open its first studio in December 2024, which will be connected to the International Space Station.

Beginning in 2024, the United Kingdom-based Space Entertainment Enterprise (SEE) intends to connect the International Space Station (ISS) to its first space movie studio and stadium. SEE claims it is collaborating with Axiom Space, a NASA partner, to construct a commercial space station on the ISS.

The space station will be renamed Axiom Station, and Axiom will launch the Axiom Hub 1 ISS oil tanker in 2024. Before the complete departure from the ISS in 2028, the corporation will construct a space station that will become a free-flying vehicle after 2028.

While Axiom Station is attached to the ISS, in December 2024 SEE will assemble its own module within the space station under construction. The SEE-1 module will be utilized for space movies and television. He stated during a press conference that he would employ individuals to film music and sports events. There is no indication of studio cost or rent.

A computer-generated movie and photographs of the SEE-1 module displayed on the company’s website depict a gigantic white sphere, but no interior design has been disclosed. It was announced at a SEE press conference that the module would have a range of up to 20 feet in diameter. The first film produced on the space station was the 35- to 40-minute Russian film The Challenge, which was released in 2021.