Nubia will launch new gaming products, including a VR headset

Nubia, a subsidiary of ZTE, is expected to announce a new VR headset this year that will connect to the Red Magic Metaverse.

According to Nubia’s Weibo account, Red Magic 7 Phone A new router and gaming monitor will be introduced. nubia plans to launch products with the VR Ecosystem and launch the new Red Devils Metaverse in 2022.

2022 could be the year that tech giants take new steps toward the metaverse. Nubia, a well-known gaming brand, may also be working to create a VR environment.

About Nubia’s own VR headset and other products such as routers, No information has been released about gaming monitors yet. Nubia’s other flagship gaming phone, the Red Magic 7, is set to launch in February. The Red Magic 7 is equipped with Shoulder Trigger sensors to play games similar to previous gaming phones.

Like the 2022 flagship phone, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset will be used, and the display is expected to support up to 165Hz refresh rate. 12GB RAM / 4380mAh battery and 65W Fast Charing are also available.