Apple stands as Most Valuable Brand for 2022

According to a new Market Directory marketing report, Apple is the world’s most valuable brand with $ 355.1 billion.

The annual Brand Finance Global 500 Index’s rating is based on the value of the brand, not on the value of the company. The Appe Brand thinks about how much it would cost to license another third-party company to sell Apple products.

According to Brand Finance, the Apple brand would be worth $ 355 billion if it were licensed to sell such products. Apple also overtook Amazon for the first time in 2021 to become the world’s most valuable brand. According to Brand Finance Global 2021, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world with over $ 263.4 billion, up 35% from 2022 in the previous year.

Brand Finance’s list of the top 10 brands is followed by Apple (Amazon) (over $ 350 billion); Google (over $ 263 billion); Microsoft. (Over $ 184 billion); Walmart (over $ 111 billion); Samsung Group (over $ 107 billion); Facebook (over $ 101 billion); ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) (over $ 75 billion); Huawei (over $ 71 billion) and Verizon (over $ 68 billion) are next in line.

Ranked 18th on the list of the world’s most valuable brands, TikTok was the world’s fastest-growing brand, jumping from $ 18.7 billion in 2021 to $ 59 billion in 2022. The technology sector is one of the most valuable businesses in the world, behind it. Banking services; The media and the telecommunications industry are following suit.