Google says tablets are our future

Google has not released a tablet since 2015, is once again interested in making Android tablets.

According to 9to5 Google, Google was working on a new Android tablet project last year. Google has also hired a senior engineer with experience in the Android Tablet App experience.

“We believe that the future of computing is moving towards more powerful tablets. We are working hard to create a seamless support for our platforms by providing seamless support and input systems.

In the job posting for Android Tablets, the team involved in the project includes OEMs, App Developers, It also works with Android OS. According to Computerworld, Richard Mina, co-founder of Android, has rejoined the Operating Systems Department. Rich Mina joined the Android Tablets project in March last year.

Google’s hardware deportment has yet to officially announce whether it will release an Android tablet. In the 2010s, Google launched ASUS, HTC In collaboration with third-party OEMs such as Samsung, two Nexus 7 tablets and the Nexus 10; Nexus 9. In 2015, the Pixel C was the company’s latest Android tablet.