Gucci launches $ 980 bag for AirPods Max

Gucci, a well-known luxury fashion brand, has released a $ 980 bag for Apple’s AirPods Max headset. In 2020, Apple announced the AirPods Max, one of the company’s high-end wireless headphones. Italian fashion company Gucci has made a bag for the headset and marketed it.

According to Gucci’s website, the Ophidia case for the AirPods Max is the first iPhone, The design is said to be similar to bags made for AirPods and other products. It is said to be a combination of contemporary and vintage style with GG Supreme canvas that can be cleaned and reused.

There’s a case for the AirPods Max, a bag with a GG logo on the cover, and a strap on the shoulder for easy carrying like a handbag. An Ophidia Case for the AirPods Max is available for $ 980 at Gucci’s online store. The AirPods Max is being sold by Apple for $ 549.