Samsung’s new Galaxy phones begin using discarded fishing line components

The new Galaxy S series, which will be released on February 9, is said to be made with ecologically compatible components.

The company has announced that it will start using plastic made from waste fishing nets in its Samsung Galaxy products. Samsung is working to recycle recyclable plastic into consumer goods.

To help protect the environment, the company’s flagship phones, which will be released this week, use recycled components. Plastic water bottles; The ocean is becoming a pile of rubbish because of everyday waste, such as plastic bags.

Discarded fishing gear is polluting the water and endangering marine life. This includes the death of endangered marine species such as the Hawaiian Monk Seal. The dumping of more than 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets at sea each year is also said to worsen the environment.

Samsung is not the first company to use waste in new products. Last year, Microsoft announced the Ocean Plastic Mouse, which contains 20% recycled plastic.