Apple allows unlisted apps to be uploaded to the App Store

In the past, iPhone users did not have the ability to install it on the Play Store, unlike Android users. iPhone users have the right to download the app they want to use by registering in the App Store. As an App Developer This is a very troublesome issue for users as well. Restricted to third party apps. Now Apple has eased this restriction.

Developers will be able to download the app by providing a direct link even if they have not yet listed the app. Unlisted apps will not be publicly downloaded. In addition, the App Store Search bar, Charts It will not be found through recommendations. App administrators also allow apps to be downloaded from Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager.

Another limitation is that Apple intends to allow unlisted apps to be used by a limited number of people, not just everyone. Students An app that is urgently needed for an event. It is intended for small organizations, not just for everyone, such as employees of an organization. If you want to unlist an app and generate a link, the app developer must ask Apple for permission.

As a private download on Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, Apple does not end immediately. As an app developer, you need to answer other security questions. Developers with public downloads on App Stroe can skip these steps.

Once approved by Apple, all versions of the unlisted app will be unlisted. If the unlisted app is also in the App Store, it will still be free. Unlisted apps only require the latest stable version. Beta Pre-releases are not allowed.

Due to this program, Pirated Games, Burning games. Developers should be aware of the possibility of other illegal apps being included. However, before unlisting an app, Apple will need to make sure it is unlisted. That’s why Apple seems to be offering unlisted apps to a limited number of people, not just everyone.

Apple also has an Enterprise App Program. It is a program that allows companies with more than 100 employees to use apps within the company without having to upload them to the App Store. However, the program has since become infected with malware and mod apps. That’s why Apple seems to have started a self-review and unlisted program.