Google launches VPN on iOS

Google does not seem to be happy with the way you compete in the Android VPN market. Google One VPN VPN is also available on iOS. VPN by Google One is part of a marketing campaign aimed at improving Internet security for iOS users. Google VPN can be used by those who have purchased Google One Premium Plan (2TB and above). It is said that this VPN can be used by 5 people including you. The five will be able to use iOS, Android and Windows platforms without any restrictions.

This VPN will be available not only in the US but also in 10 other countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. It will gradually expand to other areas.

Google Services also provides secure disconnection while using the VPN. You can use VPN for some apps to provide a simple connection to some, as well as a timer to turn VPN on and off.

Google claims that their VPNs are more secure than regular VPNs. In addition, the connections are end-to-end encryption and have been tested by professional organizations. It also has certifications from open-sourced organizations such as the Internet of Things Alliance (ioXt). Google seems to want to prevent Internet users’ browsing data from being hacked. Google has also announced that it will add better security features to its next Google One Services.

The word VPN has recently become popular among citizens in Myanmar, where internet security needs to be improved. With the growing demand for cyber security, local VPN markets and resellers are emerging. We will have to wait and see how big VPN companies will change if they come in with a good payment. Google One Services has been available in Myanmar with Phone Bell since 2019.