MIUI 13 launches in India

MIUI 13 has been officially released in India. There are millions of users in India Region waiting for this update. About 500 million people around the world are waiting for this update, many of whom are expected to be released by December 2021. This update is a major UI change after MIUI 12, with a number of UI-related changes to performance.

This time, the UI changes will make the UI clearer. It is said that the priority is to save energy. Here are some ways to speed up your file storage system: It has been improved. It aims to maintain a read / write file system speed for more than two years using the phone. According to Xiaomi, other phone makers are not paying as much attention to phone storage as Xiaomi. As a result, storage read / write speeds have dropped by half in about three years of use on other phones, but not in Xiaomi.

Another is RAM Optimization. RAM management is also needed to keep track of how many processes a phone can handle. MIUI 13 claims to increase RAM by up to 40%, so we’ll have to wait and see if multi-tasking is better than ever. Xiami claims to have a system called Processor Priority Optimization, which gives you better control over apps in the background.

Lastly, it will also feature Smart Balance Mode, which saves up to 10% more battery life than usual.

In addition, MIUI 13 has partnered with Beauty of Science to create some really cool wallpapers. Wallpapers are designed to form crystals of various objects. However, unlike MIUI 12, not all phones will have all the wallpapers. However, older static wallpapers will still be available for older phones.

Widgets also include a new Sidebar feature that lets you access your favorite apps and other features from the sidebar. Features that make it easy for phone users to take notes as soon as they open a note while reading.

MIUI 13 is currently available in India on flagship phones and the rest of the lineup, and the rest will be available before Qualcomm 2022.