SDGs 2030 Language Integration: Here Are Some Suggestions

Fortunately, there are numerous tools available to help make the world a better place to live. The motto of inclusivity. Yes, if we want a peaceful world, everyone—no exceptions—must have their own safe spaces, and bullies must not exploit their differences against them.

Ignorance is widespread.

Even those ostensibly in positions of power. Unfortunately, many people have already suffered as a result of their indulgences. Many people have been victims of their avarice, mal-education, and other vices.

Good riddance to those who have gone; bring your prejudices and narrow-mindedness with you.

Sustainable Development Goals are fantastic strategies to make this world livable for all beings, not just the majority who believe they are privileged to be condescending, favored, and can always get away with their wrongdoings.

As a conscientious individual, this must be something to consider. Why are individuals selfish, hateful, and greedy while appearing to be decent, caring, and sane?

Teachers are wonderful champions of this conquering ignorance slogan, and permit action toward climate change, poverty, pollution, overpopulation, and the like be done in order to aid global initiative build momentum in spreading wisdom about making the world a better place for all. Yes, we have the answers to all of our problems, especially now that COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on our sanity, economy, and entire life.

Here are some ideas for incorporating SDGs 2030 and beyond into lessons.

1. manipulated

A deck of cards with SDG symbols printed on them can be a lot of fun in a language class. Choose one card and describe it with a word, phrase, or sentence. A beginner English learner can develop his or her language abilities while socializing with other students. More of this type of classroom activity might be done; certainly, they are learning deeply once they can offer their own ideas about these 17 wisdom toward developing awareness, and who knows, they may become advocates as well in the near future.

2. Composing Stories or Poems

After seeing a video of a tsunami wreaking havoc on a coastal country or what, or a flooding or landslide in progress captured by a video camera or what, students could write their own thoughts on the importance of conserving natural resources rather than letting people with an insatiable appetite for power, money, and influence ransack the forest for logging purposes, mountainous areas for mining purposes, and so on and so forth. We have several stories of people abusing our surroundings on a daily basis, despite the efforts of those who defend them from such selfish and cruel individuals.

3. Acting out roles

Stories or news about war, conflict caused by differing ideologies, and so on are all excellent ways for students to gain insight into social and political processes. Yes, when a person is exposed to the real scenario, the hardships that people endure in locations where there is war, political struggle, and the like, he or she can empathize with their terrible predicament and may be able to do something about the impending war or conflict. It takes a brave person to start a fire of knowledge, a small deed to make others realize what’s coming, and more actions that may have an impact on all sane people and help out. Each global citizen has an opportunity to pitch in, be an agent of change, and bearer of light against ignorance and all in the struggle for a peaceful world—free of violence through acts of terrorism, hatred, and so on.

Learning about global challenges, tackling ways to contribute to this global endeavor for a better world, better life, and more meaningful path for everyone, can provide a lot of wisdom.

What we need to do is be willing to change. It could be the secret to making our world kinder, saner, and better for all of us.

Nabiong, Larry Icabandi

IP/Environment supporter, grade school teacher, novella author/article writer, grape nook grower and social entrepreneur want tobe. These and other things keep him active and motivated to get up—and grind!