How to Optimize Your Network to Save Time and Earn More Money

Your network, or your circle of connections, is a magnificent gift. It would be a shame if you never unwrapped it.

The amazing aspect of your network is that its members are voluntarily connected to you. They wish to assist you!

Most folks do. Healthy humans desire to aid one another. It feels great. With good reason: feel-good hormones such as oxytocin (also released during sex) flood the body, resulting in increased empathy and kindness. Your self-esteem gets increased. Your stress level decreases.

Being of service and engaging in this good energy exchange with another being is psychologically and emotionally beneficial.

When you ask for or provide assistance, you have the opportunity to be inventive.

It is conceivable for someone to impulsively give assistance. If so, accept kindly and with gratitude. Make every effort not to reject their offer. I’ve worked very hard on this one! I grew up taught that you should never push your will on others and that you should always forge your own path.

I have learned a new method. I’ve come to accept assistance. When I receive another person’s charity, the recipient’s face beams with happiness. I’ve realized that I also provide them with something.

Therefore, instead of opposing assistance, take a deep breath and absorb it. This person desires to assist.

If they do not spontaneously offer, ask! I admit that it’s somewhat dangerous. Nobody runs toward the possibility of rejection. However, if they are voluntarily one of your connections, chances are they will gladly offer assistance. They wish for your success.

As one of my gurus liked to say, don’t rob them of their good fortune!

The individual with whom you are associated has a lot of knowledge and expertise. If you’re willing to learn, they have plenty to share with you. Their experience can save you a great deal of time by informing you of a procedure’s steps and helping you avoid problems.

Everyone in your network, or circle of connections, has their own connections and resources. When they offer assistance or when you ask and they say yes, you have quick access to these relationships and resources.

This access may result in a variety of economic opportunities:

Referrals of new clients
Reconnecting with prior clients
Providing access to an entirely new group of influencers
Joint ventures
New marketing concepts
Increased confidence as a result of mentorship and support, which can lead to bolder behavior and the opening of new opportunities.
Even conserving time can help you earn money by raising your profit margin and accelerating your access to income-generating options.
You can take this even farther by establishing a mentorship or coaching connection on a more official basis. Thus, both parties are dedicated, and the rewards are exponential!

How could you not use your network with these benefits for both sides?

Respect their knowledge, time, and vitality when you do reach out to them. This begins with maximizing your time together, being prepared, and being aware of your desires.

Respect also means listening to their recommendations. Choose your approachees so that you are willing to listen and act on their feedback. Use your own discretion, but at the very least, take their advise into account before making a decision. Nothing is more aggravating than being ignored when someone has taken the time to help. It undermines your bond.

Take advantage of your network. It has the potential to be an effective and dynamic component of your business and life.

You will all win enormously if you collaborate with everyone in your network by continuously assisting one another. With knowledge, access to resources and new connections, saved time and increased money, and probably most importantly, with the delight of interacting positively with others.

Ursula Jorch, MSc, MEd, helps entrepreneurs who are just beginning their enterprises as well as seasoned entrepreneurs who are in transition to develop their dream businesses. Her coaching programs empower you to achieve your goals by providing you with knowledge, support, clarity, motivation, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.