Review of the Live Out Loud 100k Challenge Product


Live Out Loud (LOL) is a wealth coaching organization started by Loral Langemeier, a vibrant, inspirational, and motivational personality, recognized best-selling author, frequent television guest, and entrepreneur known as the millionaire maker, a moniker derived from a book she authored with the same title.

LOL offers a variety of programs that focus on various techniques of getting money, including business creation, investment tactics, and more.

The 100k challenge is provided as one of the programs. It is precisely what it claims to be. It is a guaranteed program that pushes participants to earn $100,000 in a year or receive their money back.

It is a rigorous and detailed program that will involve several activities and extensive interaction with teammates and coaching personnel.



Very detailed
Numerous online support
Numerous resources
Several webinars
Weekly group responsibility meetings
Weekly company improvement calls
Large number of individuals
Required 3-day live seminar as part of the program
Personal trainer
Not Good

Too much upselling that is disguised as part of the program but is not Only eight 30-minute phone sessions per year with a personal coach Very tough to meet “guarantee” standards.
Once enrolled, you should never pay tuition again.
Aside from a 3-day course, there was little to no face-to-face contact with the organization.
No personal interaction with Loral

Although the program is guaranteed and available to novices and anyone who wants to take their business to the “next level,” even if it means establishing a firm from scratch, it’s far better suited to those who already have certain things in place.

Someone with a basic awareness of marketing and marketing jargon, a fairly clear sense of what they want to achieve, and perhaps some business experience will perform far better in the program than someone with no prior knowledge.

Those who are willing to devote several hours per day and per week, who are comfortable with online learning, who are self-motivated, who don’t need a lot of direct and personal guidance, and who are not easily frustrated could benefit greatly from this program, regardless of whether they already have a system in place or not.

It is for those who want to earn at least $100,000 a year and are willing to go the extra mile to do so. On the other hand, it is for those who wish to make $100,000 a step along the path to prosperity, not a final destination. The 100k is meant to serve as a stepping stone, if not the first.


There are so many available training and tool sources that it might be daunting. The website is replete with videos, reading material, recordings of former training sessions, and templates, as well as any other training-related resource imaginable.

On a near-daily basis, training programs are accessible by telephone and/or the internet, and some of them provide participants with individual or small-group help. There are also webinars and podcasts, some of which involve participant interaction.

The program is constantly in motion. Those who can keep up with the speed will be successful. A person who slips behind and need more individual attention may feel overwhelmed.


Email is the most typical assistance channel. Questions and concerns are always addressed promptly.

Numerous training programs permit real-time telephone or internet contact.

If you know the appropriate questions to ask, you will obtain the desired responses. If you do not know what you do not know, it is difficult to obtain the necessary support.


A one-year subscription to this program costs $5,000.

This is not the only application available. Other programs cost between $97 and a few thousand dollars.

There are innumerable books, CDs, and other resources available for between $4 and several hundred dollars each. Some things are offered for free plus delivery costs. I found the majority, if not all, of this type of content to be really educational and useful.

The price-to-value ratio of the printed and audio materials is superior than that of the 100k challenge program.


It is a legitimate organization. They make every effort to deliver what they promise.

Based on my needs, I believe it is overpriced for what is got. I expected to receive more personalized attention. I immediately got lost in the shuffle and fought to stay current. I can’t fault them for that, but when I asked for a refund since I felt the program was not right for me, I received a robotic answer from the refund evaluation team outlining all the things they offered and reminding me of the contract and no return.

This is not for everybody.

I cannot declare that it is not for me. If I were to start from scratch now that I have a better understanding of what to expect and what I want to accomplish, I might have a different viewpoint.

If you are willing to fully commit to the training and can keep up with the rapid pace, you will succeed. The program offers many benefits.

Better Business Bureau

The company has a rating of C- from the Better Business Bureau. If I had known it before signing up, I doubt I would have done so. Likewise, based on my own personal experience, I give it a grade of C-.

They will do anything they can inside the program to assist you, but if your request is too unconventional, you will have a terrible experience that you will regret paying for.

Be careful

I was informed that the program costs $7,500.

I spoke with them for hours about my professional goals and current situation. I informed them that I intended to launch an online business. I was offered the internet marketing program “for free” provided I signed up on the same day, which I did.

I discovered later that the cost of the internet marketing program is $2,500 and the 100k challenge is $5,000. I did not receive anything for free. Like the rest of the presentation, it was largely above my head. I have to rewatch the videos in order to comprehend the information.

Not a fool

It’s not that I’m an idiot, but I also don’t claim to be the smartest tool in the shed. It is the fact that individuals respond and learn differently. As a former educator, I can attest to this.

If you know anything about the No-Child-Left-Behind program, you know that it was intended to fulfill its name. The reality is that many children are abandoned. In a metaphorical sense, I am one of those.


I soon discovered that the $100,000 challenge has little to do with establishing an online business. In fact, they emphasize the offline aspect of business establishment.

That makes sense, but I thought I joined up for something else.

What worries me the most is that I was persuaded to purchase a software product for “only” $1,450 and “only” $259 each month that was intended to help me take my business to the “next level.” I assumed it was part of the success recommendations.

I was also informed by the staff that incorporating my business would be beneficial and would cost “just” $1,000.

Accept accountability

When I later recognized that both of these purchases were not only expensive but also needless and premature, I attempted to discuss the matter with my coach.

I was informed that I was acting like a victim and needed to accept responsibility for my actions. When I stated that I felt they were suggested by LOL, I was informed, “They’re salespeople, what do you expect?”

That displeased me greatly.


Before the second month, I discontinued the software package, which cost me almost $1,700 that I will never see again.

I will never see the money spent on incorporation again.

I am solely responsible for my misunderstandings and credulity.

If you have $5,000 and are ready and able to put in the time and effort, you will undoubtedly receive what you pay for.

If you have the money, it is not a terrible deal. If you lack the necessary funds, I would advise against it.

I regret using a credit card to make the purchase.

Occasionally, the cost of schooling is high.

I give this program a grade of 70% (C-)

Bob is a highly experienced online affiliate marketer with a background in sales and marketing.

He is also an expert in life insurance and safe investments with over 20 years of expertise. His business, A Bulletproof Life, is founded on the five pillars of food, fitness, finances, fulfillment, and enjoyment.

His personal and business credo is the same: Integrity, decency, and hard work.

His personal hobbies include, among others, rock-and-roll, baseball, football, traveling, and single ladies.