How to Set a Table: A Guide from the Experts

Table setting is an art for wedding and event planners. If you do not engage with a planner, it will be difficult to improve the situation. This tutorial describes how to prepare the table for a party, event, wedding, or baby shower. It is difficult to set a table like a professional event planner, but with this guidance, it is feasible to create a table like a pro.

You must separate the table setting into many pieces. So that no aspect of table setup is overlooked.

Table Linens:

Table linens are the most prominent feature of a table. Choosing the appropriate linens based on the theme or color of the venue will enhance the appearance of an event. The tablecloth should be silky, wrinkle-free, and resistant to stains. Consider beforehand whether you want a full drop, half drop, mid drop, or puddle drop. Based on that, you will receive a tablecloth that exactly complements the chosen drop. If you purchase a tablecloth without knowing its length, the drop may vary from full to half. Follow the recommended tablecloth length guide. There is an assortment of tablecloth fabrics (satin, jute burlap, polyester), colors, and patterns (checkered, flowers, box).

These are the varieties of Tablecloths:

Spandex rectangle tablecloth Tablecloth Tablecloth Square Tablecloth Tablecloth
Table overlays can be placed over a tablecloth to protect it from being stained. Tablecloths are available in a variety of appealing hues.
Table runners, which can be used to beautify the table’s centerpiece, can be utilized in the center of the table. Table runners serve as ornamental containers for floral arrangements, fruits/vegetables, and candles. Clip the tablecloth’s corners using Table skirt clips.


Place the table runner in the table’s center, and decorate above it with floral arrangements or candles. Keep in mind that the centerpiece should not interfere with the eye contact between guests on both sides of the table. Either the ornament should be placed above or below the faces.

Choose a fragrant flower that complements the color scheme of your wedding or event. Place a bouquet of fresh flowers in the center of the table in a crystal glass. Candles can be used as a centerpiece.

Vegetables or fruits carved to resemble a human face or a pattern can be used as table centerpieces.


The following items are required for a table setting:

Menu card
Dinner plate
Soup tureen
Dinner fork, Salad fork, Dessert fork
Dinner knife, Butter knife
Teaspoon and soup spoon
Butter and bread spoon
Water Glass, 2 Wineglass
Polyester Napkins
Tissue paper
Salt & pepper shaker
Water container
Tea Cup and saucer

Place the guest at the dinner table per the seating arrangement. Plan the seating arrangement according to the projected number of visitors and table size (round table or rectangle table). Allow sufficient room between guests. It is preferable to number each place at the dining table.