MSI MAG Trident S mini Gaming Console with AMD Ryzen 7 5700G APU

Micro Star International (MSI) has teased a new console product on Twitter. This product is a gaming console with AMD Ryzen 7 5700G.

Not much is known about the console teaser post on Twitter. According to rumors, the MAG Trident S console will be equipped with Team Red’s Ryzen 7 5700G APU. This APU has 8 processing units. In addition, the console is said to be compact and lightweight in terms of portability.

It weighs about 5 pounds (2.6 liters). It is small but very poisonous. The MAG Trident S can connect up to three screens at the same time.

In terms of design, the Trident S is a compact, dual-tone design in black and white. There will also be LED lights to make it easier to find ports in the dark, as well as other RGB lighting. The CPU is good, but the GPU is not included. As a result, there may be some graphics limitations and a slight reduction in performance.

MSI MAG Trident S will be able to play CS: GO, Valorant, DOTA 2 and other esports listed games as well as streaming games such as GTA. Therefore, Pro-gamers, It remains to be seen whether this will become an option for professional streamers. At this time, no other details or pricing are known.

As MSI has limited information about this console, it’s a bit of a hype as to what specs and design it will come out with. After 2020, most console games appeared on PC desktops, and the console market was booming. It remains to be seen whether MSI Trident will succeed.