Tesla sells karaoke microphone in China

Tesla, a maker of state-of-the-art technology, is selling karaoke microphones in China. These microphones were first distributed last week. The mics were originally intended for use in Tesla cars and are currently only available in China. The mics were released with a Chinese New Year software update, featuring a duo feature called Leishi KTV.

These Tesla mics can be ordered for US $ 188 (about 400,000 Kyats per pair) at the Chinese Tesla Online Store and are sold out within an hour of launch. At the moment, it is known that no more Instock is available, and some are even sharing on Twitter that they are resold at double the price.

Tesla cars included an in-car karaoke app called “Karaoke” launched in 2019, but Tesla Arcade was later banned by the US due to road safety laws. Tesla later became a more life-style brand. Every product is a big headache. $ 250 for a Tesla Tequila; In addition to selling pants for $ 69,420, he also started selling Cybertruck trumpets. However, all sales were sold out immediately and prices resold to resellers.

Last week, it announced that it would stop production of its introduced product models and resume production of currently available products. Tesla products include meme-cryptocurrency, It has been announced that it will accept cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin.

In addition, the charging station included in the Tesla Model 3 / Y has a larger capacity. It will also launch an 18-watt Qi Charging Battery Pack that can be turned into a faster charging station. Tesla has also introduced a new liner for rear seats as a Merchandise. Tesla is a cryptocurrency. Mobile Phone Vehicle Life-style Brand; He has been successful in various public stunts based in various fields such as Space Tech.