Meta that adds 3D avatars to Instagram, Messenger and Facebook Stories

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has added 3D avatars to Instagram Stories and Direct Messages, as well as updated Facebook and Messenger avatars. People in the United States, Canada, and Mexico are now able to use 3D Avatar to access stickers, newsfeed posts, and profile pictures on many of Meta’s platforms, as well as on the Quest VR platform. Meta’s Avatars feature hearing aids for people with disabilities, as well as human hearing aids. Wheelchair models are also included. Aigerim Shorman, general manager of Meta, said Meta included inclusion of people with disabilities as an equal opportunity.

“Tens of thousands of miles away, as promised by Meta in 2021, it will make you feel like you’re sitting together in the same room,” Shorman wrote in her blog, focusing on integrating VR and social media with social media.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the main goal of Meta is to become a Metaverse, which will gradually create more sophisticated 3D avatars. During the experiment, Meta was experimenting with detailed avatars as well as real-time backgrounds. But launching all the VR and AR is still a matter of time.

Meta has spent at least $ 10 billion this year to become the Metaverse. However, studies released this year suggest that Facebook is showing negative gains. Investors are also not interested in the Metaverse. Facebook’s main revenue comes from ads, and since mid-2021, there have been some problems with Facebook’s declining user base.

In 2018, Facebook was accused of misusing users’ data and was fined. Following the lawsuit, Facebook has become increasingly concerned about users’ privacy, including end-to-end encryption of Messenger. You can also delete your account if you do not follow the Community Standards published on Facebook. Sanctions are being taken more than ever. Facebook claims it wants to be a better and more secure social media platform.