Is it stylish or in vogue? How to Always Look Your Best

So what kind of clothing is popular right now? As they get ready to head to the mall or their preferred online boutique, many ladies ask themselves that question. We older women have seen trends come and go. Despite all the trendy clothing we purchase each year, many of us still face the daily challenge of “I have nothing to wear.” What is the answer to this issue? Instead of buying fashion, consider buying your own distinctive style.

The terms “fashion” and “style” are not interchangeable. Fashion describes the fads or “it” items that designers market each season in retail outlets and online. You’ve got your mom jeans, cold shoulder dresses, bell sleeves, and cropped pants. But not everyone should wear a particular style. Have you heard the expression, “Just because it fits you doesn’t mean you should wear it”? However, personal style is all about dressing in clothes that suit your body type.

Style takes into account a few different things. First, there is color. What hues suit you the most? Certain colors will suit you more than others depending on the color of your skin, eyes, and hair. The ideal color combinations for a client are picked using a number of methodologies used by color consultants, but generally speaking, color palettes are selected depending on your undertone. Is it warm and golden or chilly and blue? Try on some jewelry to find out what your undertone is. Which color, gold or silver, suits you the best? You most likely have a cold undertone if it is silver. If it is gold, it probably has a warm undertone. Get a color wheel once you have decided whether you are warm or cool to see which colors are warm or chilly. These are the hues that will complement you the most. Talk to a color consultant or use the Eyes on Hue app if you need further assistance.

Fit is the second element. Does the clothing you chose fit the shape of your body? Each person has a unique physical silhouette. Do you have an angular or spherical shape, a top that is larger than a bottom, or the exact opposite? Your physical shape should be accentuated by the clothing you wear. For instance, if your body type is pear-shaped or larger on the bottom, you may want to choose blouses or shirts with ruffles, vibrant designs, or broad collars to balance off your figure. On the other side, you might want to avoid wearing items like tulip skirts, huge flowery print pants, and other things that might bring attention to your wider bottom.

Take cues from others to determine what suits you the best. Which clothing draw the most attention? Browse images. Which ones do you believe you most resemble? What do you have on? And if you truly want to step up your style, look for a stylist’s help.

You will always have clothes to wear if you dress your own and disregard current trends.

Blogger and lifestyle consultant Elcee Smith. She is a grandma of two boys and thinks that women may be fashionable at any age. She is an advocate for altering the conventional notion of what it means to be a grandma in the modern world; she is not the kind of grandmother who rocks back and forth.