Chapter 7 describes Alexis’s heirloom real pearl necklace.

Alexis tears open her grandmother’s letter. Today, she is 22 years old, and she cannot wait to read it. Since her sixteenth birthday, when she received an heirloom pearl necklace and the first letter, she has become obsessed with the letters her grandmother penned about their ancestors before she passed away. She learned about Eimi and the Ama last year. Who will be the winner this year?

Regards, Alexis

It is time for you to meet Hanako, the potter, also known as Hana. She was Eimi’s great-granddaughter, and she had spent her childhood training under Hiroaki, the renowned potter whose stall her family owned in the marketplace.

As she aged, she began experimenting with various techniques and appearances. While Hiroaki favored gray and red, Hana utilized a variety of glazes, including green, yellow-brown, and white. By the time she was a teenager, she had developed her own unique style, and her pots were well recognized.

Hiroaki ought to have been proud, but instead he was envious. Up until that point, Hiroaki was the master potter. He never imagined one of his students would surpass him. And Hana was not one to retreat. She manufactured more and more pots as a result of people’s admiring stares and willingness to pay high fees.

The jealousy of Hiroaki morphed into rage and eventually viciousness. Initially, he began relating Hana anecdotes to prospective consumers, which decreased their desire to purchase from her. Hana returned to her stand one morning to see that each and every pot had been shattered to pieces.

She was heartbroken. She spent days at home. She was aware that she could not return to the marketplace. In addition to having nothing to sell, she was also terrified of what Hiroaki would do.

Then, her great-grandmother Eimi entered the room and handed her a little, worn-out canvas bag. Inside is a rope of dazzling pearls.

Great-grandmother Eimi stated, “It’s time for you to have this.” “It has been handed down through generations. Remember that a pearl may only form under the most challenging conditions.”

Hana understood what her great-grandmother meant: she could not quit up at this time. The following morning, she left for the Buddhist temple being constructed near their village. She was unaware of what she was about to find. At the temple, pots were being made in an entirely new way: on a rotating wheel. The monks taught Hana everything she needed to know about their techniques, and she improved her skill as a result. She was disappointed that she couldn’t return to the market and she missed creating her own work, but she appreciated the cash.

The following morning, Hiroaki arrived. She was frightened. What advice would he give the monks? Was he also going to destroy the new life she had created?

But Hiroaki was there to seek employment for himself. As word spread about what he had done to Hana, his stall went out of business. And when she peered into his eyes, she saw that he had endured pain. She disliked the situation, but she knew what to do. The following day, when Hiroaki sat next to her at the steering wheel, she placed her hand on his.

“Allow me to demonstrate,” she offered in a friendly tone. Hiroaki froze. Hana froze. Would he approve?

Next, he smiled. “Thank you,” he stated simply.

Hiroaki and Hana’s friendship was repaired. As the roles were reversed and Hana was required to instruct him on the new tactics, a renewed respect developed between them. After the completion of the temple, they returned to the marketplace, but this time they set up a joint stall. Hana became a renowned potter, thereby rescuing her family from poverty. And when others questioned her how she was able to forgive Hiroaki, she always responded that the pearls gave her the insight.

This webpage provided background information on the Japanese ceramics produced around 500 AD.


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