Jubilee! Church and Community Assistance for Local Economic Development in a Book That Affects Us All

The CSS Publishing Company of Lima, Ohio, has recently published a book that will appeal to the majority of readers.

Jubilee! A Guide for the Church and Community

ISBN 978-0-7880-2608-9.

Karl Evans has spent the last quarter-century establishing his perspective on poverty in the United States. This book discusses the legitimate, suitable, and theologically right objectives for mission and activity in economically challenged rural and urban communities. The CSS Publishing Company will shortly make it available. Additionally, it is available at any bookshop.

Additionally, Evans has created a local church and community session conducted by a CD. Evans has the workshop available for purchase. He offers a little discount on purchases made in bulk. The workshop is suitable for a long series of church school classes, a one- or two-day workshop, family development studies, community discussion series, and so on. It can be conducted with or without the CD’s spoken dialogue.

The focus of the book is the 1988-1989 study conducted by Evans for the United Methodist Church General Board of Global Ministries. Several researchers visited and analyzed the 25 counties in the United States with the lowest per capita income in 1987 as part of this study. The counties contained the country’s primary ethnic groups: Anglo, Black, Latino, and Native. The objective was to determine what executives should do when visiting these counties. This outcome was a recommendation for staff members not be scared to discuss what they observed in the counties. That was basically it.

However, Evans continued with the research. Since that study, Karl and Donella Evans have visited and researched the majority of the nation’s 250 lowest-income counties. The results have extended the conclusions of the initial small study substantially. The research has identified 15 variables lacking or lacking in local realities. These economic difficulties are theologically acceptable for the vast majority of Christian groups. They are valid and appropriate for the Church and other non-profit organizations, and Biblically orientated as mission and action aims. These elements constitute the essence of Jubilee! The book is a resource for the pastor, congregation, and community as they grapple with Christ’s missionary call in this location.

Jubilee! will serve as a planning tool to local church mission in economic strength. The outcome of the process will strengthen a variety of areas, including preaching, worship, leadership development, education, missions, inclusion, and church expenses. Today, it is quite difficult to gain a firm grasp of this topic.

Evans hopes that local pastors and laypeople will find a way to incorporate these talks into local seminars. Evans and the support group will, with some ingenuity, encourage the participants to collect their own cash for the seminars, including the purchase of books and CDs, supplies, and advertising. Raising approximately $250 will provide supplies for the session for ten people, as well as approximately $100 for general expenses and potential profits. This should appeal to a large number of individuals in low-income communities.

Evans has a great affection for pastors serving in ministries with a very little budget around the world. The majority of worldwide congregations cannot afford full-time pastors. He desires for them to be able to use these materials to create and teach workshops in regions of need. Evans feels he can prepare the task so that the local leader can earn a tiny profit. These local leaders will not become wealthy as a result of the training, but any improvement will be beneficial. In addition, they will gain a new understanding of what must be done to assist local economic progress.