Stop Taxing Me to Cover the Expenses of Others!

The Tax Revolt was peaceful this time; will this continue as inflation, taxes, and the standard of living decline? In terms of America’s general economic health, additional nightmares are inevitable. Medicare, for example, is a nightmare and a big financial catastrophe for this country. Social Security is nothing more than a ticking time bomb for a Ponzi scheme. How large are these monsters who live among us? Consider 110 Billion Dollars? How much does that cost?

It is roughly twice as much as the total value of all the assets possessed by every US citizen. Intriguingly, the Democrats want to expand coverage and plunge the nation deeper into the next severe crisis. Does it come as a surprise that there was tea hurled on Tax Day 2009? I would advise everyone to read;

1980’s “Free to Choose” by Milton and Rose Friedman

In this book, he demonstrates why it is unethical to take or steal money from you and me and then use it to pay for the needs of other people, and why such a fundamentally defective system is doomed to fail regardless of the fact that it is currently a Ponzi scheme. The government takes money in the form of payroll income taxation, spends it on the general fund, and then borrows money to pay for the promised services as they become due.

Evidently, this method of misappropriation is quite similar to the Madoff case, and to think that our own government is engaging in it, well, shouldn’t that make your blood boil? Consider this.