The Long Angle Iron Trade Business Consortium Seeks Global Dominance

The formation stock market transaction standard, in the application establishment profession the petty loan organization, extends the industrial chain to high-end reforming, and recently, area the river, Zhejiang, Shanghai’s foreign steel and iron merchants accelerated their movement. The 15th of February holds “the first long angle iron trade wealth forum” in the Jiangsu Wuxi chill in the air in early spring, the Shanghai first steel city market share Limited company (i.e. original “leisurely immortal steel city group”) Chairman Zhou Huarui emphasized: “2009 pair of steel trade business is particularly vital. One year, the external (financial) crisis causes difficulties, the internal market’s overall supply exceeds demand, the steel trade enterprise must strengthen cooperation, can increase coordinated action and risk resistance capacity, can expand steel mill negotiations and government dialogue capacity.”

The group seeks expression rights

Zhou Hua Rui began “the former store queen warehouse” steels merchandise on hand business pattern more than ten years ago, steel Corp. has built up and production and marketing on the latter with treasure assembling an effect, has driven the Shanghai steel city’s blowout dyadic development, as well as the Ning De City, particularly Zhou Ning county book businessman’s intense emotion. According to Zhou Hua Rui’s introduction, Shanghai beach, among more than 60 steels marketplaces, has more than 40 individuals who have been untied by the Zhou Ning county book, and business volume exceeds 80%.

Taking Shanghai as the center of the entire long triangle area, the steel trade estate already constitutes a single entity, with Jiangsu-Zhejiang and Zhejiang as its two wings, which contain more than 110 large and medium-sized iron and steel cash markets. The primary body steels market in Jiangsu province is managed by over 40 families with Fujian merchants; annual sales volume surpasses 100 billion yuan.

This relatives-and-neighbors-helping-neighbors pattern, which was also “the control” of the long angle iron city’s creation of convenience, would also support the steel and iron circulation industry’s reforming to prepare the groundwork for its future sinking. In 2008, the steel city had a half-year boom and a half-year collapse, with the highest price per ton of hot-rolled steel falling from 5,000 yuan Yuan to 2,800 Yuan. “the low-cost development period for our nation’s economy has already gone; we are now in the high-cost development period.” Professor Dong Zhihong of the China Iron and steel industry Association said. “holding Qian Qiuhuo to look at the complexion, attains the resources to generate money” the moment also to occur modified in every way: the custom runs independently and the foreign merchant begins to faint from dread. Despite the fact that the financial crisis compels the steel mill to the entity economy’s power to begin “pursuing the overseas trader but actually,” they must “bow before the downstream sell.” This species has not established a price, and its ability to create a life-or-death condition on the terminal market has not changed. Therefore, this winter spring, they initiate a collaborative search for the power of words.

Zhou Huarui told a newspaper reporter, “If you want to boost the power of words, all you need to do is implement comprehensive service provider reforms.” He distinguishes “the service provider” from “the foreign trader” emphatically: “The current steel trade business is divided into two categories: the foreign trader dominates, but there are also collection warehousing, processing, packing, and transportation service providers in the spot transaction market.” The Wuxi precious Xin steel and iron building materials warehousing Limited enterprise vice-total procedure Chen Shifan stated to the reporter, “the steel goods overseas trader has survived in the crevice; therefore, we encourage on the market the enterprise, toward high added-value product reformation, although this also takes time.” To further promote the market mechanism, Chen Shifan also told the reporters that the steel city and so on “” the prefix enterprise is currently discussing the third party supervision issues pertaining to the foreign shipment, so as to be able to more effectively control the supervisor and the operational risk.

Chen Dong Qi, a subdean of a research center specializing in macroeconomics, had the opposite view. He questioned if middle-income and low-income individuals, as well as peasants, will be able to increase their consumption “I am particularly concerned about consumption in particular. According to my observation, the first half of the year is particularly indicative that the actual purchasing power of residents would likely decline in this year “.

Also, this steel trader is the most apprehensive about this. The individual in charge of a large-scale steel trade enterprise, who is unwilling to reveal their full name, tells a reporter: “Although the country appears personally, the home appliance pulls the enthusiasm for production, having relocated the home appliance business to the countryside for a period of time. Whether the customer can consume the problem, but it cannot be solved “. The “wonderful” slowdown a few days ago was practically global on account of one of his inform, significant customers.