Will They Ever Understand?

At some point in his life, a man must recognize that he has reached middle age or is nearing the end of middle age. Sure! I could talk about ladies. However, I am now discussing Men. Why? Because I see it again and experience a sense of relief when I meet a guy who actually comprehends it.

There exists a particular sort of guy who will never see himself as aging. They compare themselves to guys half their age and feel better about themselves when accompanied by a lady who resembles a trophy. I understand the need to appear our best, but these particular individuals want their significant others to be dressed to the nines at all times. They cannot see themselves becoming older. Less often do they require assistance getting into their wheelchair, cleaning food from their lips, or in many cases, changing their diaper. Instead, the connection is mostly dependent on surface elements.

I just saw a 75-year-old guy riding one of these Rascal scooters. As he passed this lovely lady over the age of 30, he smacked her butt and made a sexual comment. The lady turned back with an embarrassed expression and started to shout at the guy. She said something about it being 2018 and his being a pig. She resumed her browbeating while the boy drove away on his little tractor. Unfortunately, many of these guys never reached adulthood and never envisioned themselves as ill and alone. They were too preoccupied with never growing and searching for the next great thing to never achieve maturity. What was that?! Age 50 comes quickly after age 45. Only 10 years separate 50 and 60. Before we realize it, we become old. If we are fortunate, we will live without too many health issues, and if we are lucky, we will be accompanied by someone who loves us unconditionally. Remember, the last thing a woman wants is for Harry to compare her to the lady at the bingo hall with his shifty eyes.

In the future, when you are searching for Mr. Right and he is still talking about the hottie he dated 20 years ago, or saying how you can lose that Freshman 15 from years ago, or evaluating your physique in a really complimentary manner! Take a long, hard look at the elderly guy in front of you and ask yourself, “Do I want to be cleaning his a** as he ages?”