Barberetta, By: Greg McKinney – Book Review

Barberetta is an action-packed crime noir about a blonde bombshell (hired gun) who becomes involved with the mob and is a little girl’s only hope for survival. There are numerous twists, turns, and multiple crosses in Barberetta. She may be unlucky in love, but this beautiful woman always gets the guy!

This brief graphic E-book written by Greg McKinney and titled Barberetta is an amazing choice of title. She commands attention wherever she goes. Barberetta is a tough woman, a stunning blonde stunner, and certainly no angel, but the gangsters she battles make her appear like a saint. She cares for her family, even if you may not recognize it. Her integrity is intact beneath. If McKinney had given her a cape, she might have joined the super-heroes, but she’s too saucy, too raw, and too grounded for that. This book is intended only for mature audiences. It contains demonstrations of mob violence and nudity.

Barberetta takes up a case concerning a child who is innocent. Attracted to the father, the twists and turns are never-ending, but her instincts stay sharp, and she will not stop until she discovers the plot and genuine motivation that puts this young child in danger. She can alter her thoughts on a dime, but after so many betrayals, can Barberetta rely on the old, quiet nanny? Those with a low profile must be observed.

This e-book is written in first-person conversation and is easy to read. The comics or illustrations bring the story to life with rich realism. The author, Greg McKinney, does an excellent job with this, but readers should be advised that this is not a book for anyone who are judgmental, squeamish, or morally upright. The location is a gangster stronghold with a “kill or be killed” motif. The primary character is Barberetta, a fierce, seductive kitty that knows how to survive and have fun while doing so. This book should appeal to people who can’t resist a glimpse into the murky underground and those who enjoy living on the edge of society. It should also appeal to mystery detective types and those who are not opposed to a fantasy based on cold blood. If you dare to play Barberetta, I advise you to fasten your seatbelt and brace yourself for a lustful, yet frantic and violent trip. Who knows Greg McKinney’s future plans for the pistol-carrying Barberetta?

Title: Barberetta

The author is Greg McKinney.

Amazon Digital Services is the

ISBN: 978-1-62967-010-2

Pages: 56, Paperback/Kindle

Genre: Mystery

S. Marie Vernon, Pacific Book Review, reviews the text.